Canon PowerShot G1 X

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  1. rc says:

    Have had this camera for a month or two now from a previous purchase. But saw the great price just now and decided to get another. This camera meets all of the needs I have in taking photos of dogs at the local animal shelter to help get them adopted. What I needed was something great in low lighting without flash due to the shiny reflection off of dogs’ eyes with flash, as well as a super fast burst mode to try to capture that just right pose when the dog smiles, but without having to guess when the dog will smile. So I just start pressing and it takes like 8-10 shots in a second or so. Fantastic! And the HD video of course is great, which I use to make videos of the dogs playing with toys or with other dogs to show off they energy levels or socialability with other dogs of various personalities.Don’t shop, adopt a shelter pet! :O)

  2. Adam Haines says:

    I should start by saying I never write reviews, but I felt this camera deserved some praise. The Powershot 300 HS has surpassed my expectations. My other camera is a 7D and have a nice collection of flashes and lenses, but I got tired of lugging it around everywhere. With my son being born I knew I would be taking lots of photos but wanted to be able to take pictures at a moments notice and not have to set a bunch of equipment up all the time. Well this was the answer to all my needs. Being an intermediate/advanced level photographer I couldn’t settle to have some cheap little point and shoot. So I researched and went with the top of the line canon. In a nutshell this thing is a pocket sized version of my 7D, no lens changing of course. It lets you set up everything manually if you want to, or it will do everything for you! I was very impressed to see the addition of 1080p at 24fps video as I didnt think these things had that capability. It also can do 240fps at 320×240 and 120fps at 640×480 which is a blast to play with. There are so many features in this thing its ridiculous, there’s more then the websites will even tell you. It has lots of cool creative modes, some of my favorites are 1.Panorama Assist – which guides you in taking the pictures and will stitch them together with the packaged software when you load it to your computer. 2. color isolation mode – Lets you select a color and grey every other color out. 3. Smart Shutter Detection – You can set it to take a picture when it detects a smile, wink, or when a new face enters the frame. 4. High Speed Video mode – as mentioned earlier. 5. Miniature Mode – Maybe the most fun to play with, lets you pick your area of focus and blur the rest. Also lets you record movies that play back at fast speed (smaller video size but small file size too!). Other great features you’ll notice right away are its slim design (wont even know its in your pocket), fast start up speed – ready to go in under about 1 second (just disable start up screen, and incredibly easy menu navigation. The greatest part of this camera is that I dont have miss another photo opportunity because I either didn’t lug my camera with or couldn’t get it out in time. This thing is always on me and ready to go. Being ready for the moment is half the battle:) Don’t waste your money on some cheap camera, this thing will do you proud. So many features I didn’t even talk about. Just get it!

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